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Relieve your pent-up stress from the problem and experience more inner peace

Finally move forward in that chosen area of your life

Free your time from being stuck on the problem to do what you love instead

Feel more in control of your life

Connect with your Higher Self to gain clarity on the next steps of your purpose in the upcoming group hypnosis session.

You can expect to:

1) Gain clarity amidst noises and confusion in your mind

2) Activate inner resources

3) Feel supported and empowered by your Higher Self

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What Some of My Clients Are Saying

Tuan Ho

Public Figure

“...Sometimes there's a lot of noise in the process and Eleanor has helped me find clarity by guiding me towards the answer I was looking for..."

Jen Palko

Content Creator

“...She really guided me to explore my subconscious mind...I came to her with a few different things that maybe I could work on.. but she asked me a series of questions that really got deeper into what the actual problem was or what has been holding me back the whole time..."

Rogelio Diaz

Life Coach

"...this is issue that I've been trying to solve for years and was just 1 session working with Eleanor I was able to discover the root of my problem..."



Since 2015, Eleanor has been empowering lives through 1 on 1 therapy and coaching through various modalities such as hypnosis, belief clearing, intuitive problem solving and decision making, neurofeedback, heart rate variability biofeedback and energy work.

"Everyone and anyone with the intention and willingness, can live a fulfiling and meaningful life at their own terms. And I am committed to help."

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